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Suspicious Mind - Elvis Presley

http://getanswersforfree.net/Piano - Suspicious Mind - Elvis Presley
http://getanswersforfree.net/Piano - Suspicious Mind - Elvis Presley http://getanswersforfree.net/Piano - Suspicious Mind - Elvis Presley
http://getanswersforfree.net/Piano - Suspicious Mind - Elvis Presley

Video Suspicious Mind

Channel: People & Blogs
Uploaded: 2014-04-17
Author: clareconvy

Length: 04:35     Rating: 4.9     Views: 35,377,959


Video Comments

MsCordially (On 2014-04-16)
Forever a beautiful song sung with such passion by Elvis
John Langlois (On 2014-04-13)
Damn the guy was wasted, such a shame cuz he was so awesome.. 
Toby dog (On 2014-04-11)
nothing special imo, just good ol country and rock and roll like every other singer.no1 gets to officially decide if someone's voice is good or not , i think his voice is average singer voice.only reason he was popular is because of American hype since that time it was biggest superpower, and also there were like no big celebrities anywhere else in the world lol and even if there was judging on how ignorant it was back then none of them would have known any famous people else where.say what you want lol, imo elvis is not a legend just another plain old singer
Angelina Haworth (On 2014-04-09)
THANK ...YOU ! ...for this video 
Terry Tucker (On 2014-04-09)
Even the king himself has a bit of advice to give on the subject of love. Long live Elvis Presley, may his music touch at least one more generation.
01MaverickTen10 (On 2014-03-23)
The man. What a voice. 
Patricia Fleck (On 2014-03-31)
This was one Beautiful Man.
Rocky Robinson (On 2014-03-25)
The king of rock n roll :-)
daniel occoner (On 2014-03-27)
You tube is worthless, you cant even record anything..
Daniel Raymundo (On 2013-11-07)
Hail the king of rock

Suspicious Mind - Elvis Presley

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